Information about your purchase

No limitations, ALL Call Signs from DX-CALENDARS and BULLETTINS are triggered when spotted
Also a  list of 5 Call Signs that you can edit (add and modify entries on each session) is active if needed

Full version of QRHTERMINAL  is licensed for ONE CALL SIGN ONLY.

By proceeding with the purchase, you accept the following terms and conditions stated here and FAQs.

You can install on more machines but ONLY USE WITH YOUR CALL SIGN is admitted.
Not possible to change.

Be careful to preserve the program setup because if you need to change or format your PC, you will need to reuse it and we will NOT
be able to resend it a second time. Note that the download link will be valid for 72 hours. Preserve the SETUP you will download. 
Always check email and your spam folder because we send the information to download the personalized program with your call sign with email.
------>>>  This will happen within 24 hours, usually within 1 hour <<<-----

Sending payment indicates your agreement to all terms and conditions here and in FAQs.

You will be asked to enter your Call Sign, this is mandatory otherwise the purchase cannot be made.

Seller: Roberto Borrelli Via Nino Bixio, 54 60015 Falconara Mma AN  IT    P.I. 
O 1 4 8 3 5 3 O 4 2 2

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